Renal Failure Condition_symptoms What Are The First Signs Of Feline Renal Failure?

What are the first signs of feline renal failure? - renal failure condition_symptoms

My cat of 14 years was normal Friday night. It has not since been lathagric and eat. And if the cat is the water below.

I once had an experience of older cats with kidney failure - but not all happen so quickly.


Elaine M said...

Grave of sudden weight loss to 4 pounds in less than 3 weeks is a sign of kidney failure. There are all kinds of characters, but the weight loss is one of them. The bodies all begin to close quickly.

They found the cat, a blood test, your veterinarian can, how the individual organs. Can something that is not affected. The earlier you check it have, the easier it is to correct what is wrong.

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