Are You Dry Before Your Period Dry Before Period?

Dry before period? - are you dry before your period

I am generally very hard throughout the month. But now my time is about a week on my bike more, and I am very dry, with no relief at all. I took a urine sample at 1 October and was negative. What is it? My time comes?


Pinky Patel said...

Some periods are sometimes delayed because of stress and lifestyle. too much discharge all !!!!! Month, you should be a review Gynaec. coz if the administration is yellow / green, which could simply be an infection or stress. You do not mention your age and type of work you do? Many physical labor can lead to a lot of downloads. Usually a urine test is more accurate if you do that after the loss of 10 provisions of this. to its decision of 10 October test, and even if no result then soothing and relaxing .. may be because of stress, losing or delaying slightly to a point of COZ.

My periods are delayed for half a month, when my husband to the hospital, and I was pretty stressed out during this period.

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