Management Hand Foot Mout Disease High Platelet Count And High Rate Of Sedimentation - What Doe Sthis Mean?

High Platelet count and high rate of sedimentation - what doe sthis mean? - management hand foot mout disease

I have just the results of blood and can not appear before my doc next few weeks, and if only a few bright minds at Yahoo, which could help me! I am suffering from severe pain, burning, swollen joints, back, hands, feet, knees, I'm controlling exycontin40mg 2x daily pain. I asked the doc, the ED, D-me for arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis blood tests - everything normal except the platelet count (408) and the rate of sedimentation in the first 44 hours after 76 hours. Thank you guys for your help!


SLC Mom said...

The high level of thirst is an indicator of infection or inflammatory process. But it is a very broad test. Inflammation is associated with other symptoms that you describe are connected. This is not my specialty. But it seems that you have some additional differential diagnosis. Good luck to you.

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