How To Congratulate For Marrige Is It Time To All Come Together And Congratulate President McCain?

Is it time to all come together and congratulate President McCain? - how to congratulate for marrige

Americans have always met after the elections are over. Now they have to decide the 2008 election, at the time it all together and congratulate our new President, John McCain?


Rick31 said...

Both parties are broken. Since the Democrats have a majority in Congress, his popularity fell to a low of around 12%, less than half the population support for Bush. Perhaps it is time for the entire political reforms through the garbage of the politicians who serve themselves than the people who elected them. Obama seems to be only power-hungry man who would do anything to be president, and very few people know what a man like him would do with almost unlimited powers. It's scary. McCain has always been a reformist and 100X is more modest than Obama.

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