Money Poem I Have A Copyrighted; 46 Poem Manuscript: How Can I Publish To Make Money?

I have a copyrighted; 46 poem manuscript: how can I publish to make money? - money poem

Large selection of poems, personal, religious and political. All copyrights registered in the Library of Congress. You want to make money and the people about my ideas!


rhymer said...

I do not agree with any of the respondents here. Firstly, the market of the poet is a good source for publishers and business information and is not true that punishment is not mentioned in the editorials listing.I, her poems were published by 4 or 5 editors list. They must, however, study the market and looking for a publisher who seeks the kind of poetry has to offer and find the category, or a copy of the contract writer or poet. You need to build your imprint. In other words, present, and accepted in certain newspapers and magazines, before you try to portray their work as a whole. On another note, are the books that told me of international competitions, you can use one or all of his writings in general give you need a little more. I wonder why you asked the copyright, however. Once you have your work is fixed in print, it is protected by copyright. Poetry, nay, must be written for his personal satisfaction, because there is little money to be made in this area.

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