Card Games Dementia Games For Dementia - Similar To Pictionary Etc.?

Games for dementia - similar to Pictionary etc.? - card games dementia

Looking for games (or games) designed for the mother's level of dementia, similar to Pictionary or Guess Who. This should not rely on a wide knowledge of facts and information, but to the "transcultural" types of games.

For example, you land in a crop picture somewhere in a remote island, where a person not familiar with trivialities. Imagine a game with one of the inhabitants of this island.

I'm not saying that the lack of innate intelligence.
Instead, the facts and the absence will be trivia.

These people profit Pictionary (once the cards from the elements that are familiar).
Perhaps Guess Who.

I would also appreciate further suggestions for games to play with her mother, because my life experience gave me the opportunity to play many games with others, so I have no idea. Thank you!


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