Little Woman Bbs 9 Weeks Pregnant?? Negative Hpt..NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!?

9 weeks pregnant?? negative hpt..NEED ADVICE PLEASE!!? - little woman bbs

Hi, (my husband and I think I have calculated Preggers 9 weeks from my LMP) .. I take a test first morning urine and you get a BFN (the last time I did this morning). . I have many symptoms, urinary freq, hunger often, ships without vomiting, abdominal pain, bloating, my tailbone is killing me from time to time / some back pain, pain in the BBS and the contact of the nipple, day like today 'hui vein with deep blue of a vein through my areola tired .. Ive done a lot of research and realized that was a ton of young girls have negatives, and then discover that they have found only 12 weeks Preggers (an example) .. I also have cramps and points (sometimes feels like someone touches me very hard) on the lower abdomen and stomach a lot, but the thing that I never cramps even though my time, so that's one thing to me hmmm do? in addition to my .. The belly is very difficult if you just only once, I dont have a beat, very strong, the company (under the skin), I also see the research on this, whether it is still too early and I saw many women j have the company since the beginning of pregnancy, although the firstCY .. Ive had some very lite marks what would be the week 6 and now only 5 days .. Finally mybelly now feels a little pain when a few points down .. Please tell me what you think and if it happened to you?

I have to say my intuition of the women that I am .. Pregnant

the first day of my last period was 25 May ..

And before I know my doctor and a blood test .. I later stopped in the week ..


Mom2Bail... said...

A large amount of PTH in the negative when they should. Normally, when you give positive they are correct. Try it with a digital proof, which is pretty accurate. But in any case, go to your gynecologist, as he / she is able to say with certainty. Especially if you calculate it yourself with 9 weeks of pregnancy! Good luck and congratulations!

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