Mental Health Clip Art The VT Shooters Mental Health Record?

The VT shooters mental health record? - mental health clip art

Now it is Thursday, 19 April, only 4 days after the horrific massacre at Virginia Tech. It was on every station, the news of the insane "Cho" was reported confined to a psychiatric hospital for 48 hours in 2005. Last night I heard on Fox News that 2 colleagues complained to a court and said he was an imminent danger to themselves and others. To assess a psychiatrist in a local psychiatric hospital and their photos of great importance in itself, she asked, holding guns to their heads, and knife to the throat. "Doctors" was also about his writings and videos have been questioned very frightening. Cho said he was just "satire" and it was not serious, what he in the video clips at all. Now, my question is simply, there is someone out there stupid enough to sustain confidence in the profession of mental health in relation to the treatment of these patients? This happened several times in the past. It must stop now!


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