Person With Viral Meningitis What Would You Do? Run A Daycare With A Child Who Was Exposed To VIRAL MENINGITIS?

What would you do? Run a daycare with a child who was exposed to VIRAL MENINGITIS? - person with viral meningitis

What would you do?. I made a small nursery for two children 2 and 14 months and look after my own children. Were (6,4,2) The 14 months of age, viral meningitis in the night of the Sea I have not been exposed to working with this issue. All the information I can find states, is very contagious. Though she emphasizes that her doctor says your baby is not good (sure to spread at all the symptoms for the moment) and the virus. The person you are with a cousin and a co-worker exposed to it (a permanent contact person and the father have) best friend. She insists that is what the doctor said. I have worked with our doctor on Friday and said that the incubation period, symptoms can last a few days to several weeks. Once the child has symptoms similar to a severe cold (to recognize in a baby's teething problems) if it is contagious. However, we expect the onset of symptoms during the day while you take care of a child and himself. The risk is low, but the virus can be of long-term neurological problems. I told you to wait at least 8 days (while in conversation with the mother of anotherd agree that it makes them feel better ... She is a nurse.)


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