Where Do Cruise Ships Dock In Vancouver When Do Cruise Ships Dock In The Port Of Vancouver?

When do cruise ships dock in the Port of Vancouver? - where do cruise ships dock in vancouver

I keep looking for a position on a cruise and told me I had to be around the harbor, where boats dock so you can talk one on one with staff. I wonder what days and times that are best for this suit.


nyninchd... said...

They would have a better contact hub for cruise ships. The boats leave at different times of the day, usually in the morning so that passengers from a few hours. However, when ships are in port, officials are very busy doing things back to providing clean, object dumping, washing, etc.

A large part of the crew, without the relevant documents needed to leave the ship so that he can see not in a position at all. Port security is difficult, and unless you have a very good reason to be there, the guards sent packing. In addition, the shipping company does no good to the foreign employees in the conversation, which is paid for mainly leisure.

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North of 49 said...

I went racing, and there is no way to get on the ship for safety reasons and also the worst in history has advised crane in the dock and get a job. . bull-shit!

Cruises are "making human resources" section, and their recruitment by other means to people "that hang around the docks. I know what would be a passenger, I feel safer if the employee were arrested outside the rooms in this way and adjusted.

The workers are all over the world and these cruise lines have units in other countries like the Philippines, India, etc. There were recruited workers on my boat in 76 countries. Very few whites and those who were there had a university degree and occupy a volume higher than normal and I can assure you that were not committed, "hanging around the harbor.

Get online with various cruise lines and see if their "jobs Apply" advising opportunities. Did you get your resume ready, and good luck.

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