Dc Power Cord Where Can I Find The Right AC/DC Power Cord?

Where Can I Find The Right AC/DC Power Cord? - dc power cord

I bought a Presonus Firebox audio interface that an external power supply or AC / DC power cable required. I brought the shopping area and had no luck find a store that carries it.

On the back there are the following requirements:
12 to 24 VDC (or VOC)
15 VAC
10 Watt

Here is a photo of him with his shot back:
http://www.portlandmusiccompany.com/fire ...

I hope someone can help me where can I find them


Anonymous said...

Remember that the fire box via FireWire or external power supply is turned on. When you connect the FireWire port on your computer, you should just make the field.

If you should go RadioShack capable of a 12-volt DC power supply will find that works for you.

Otherwise, you must get one of the Presonus.

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