Train Chikan Videos What Happens When You Tell A Chikan To **** Off?

What happens when you tell a chikan to **** off? - train chikan videos

Many guides online advice for young girls watching sex offenders on the train or ask politely ask them to stop. So where is the harm in them a great impact sound and tells them their dirty feet? I understand that many Japanese are concerned not to be outdone, but I do not like. Has anyone here done? Chikan tend not to retaliate or take revenge plot about?


Mana said...

I saw accessed like a schoolgirl on a train Chikan times.
Suddenly grabs his shirt, and then exit the train.

If the offenders have that kind of situation usually enthusiastic and try to escape.

**** I think her speech is even better than Load, "" Stopping by courtesy, because they commit a crime there. "
I think some Chikan would be afraid to make even a train, after the announcement **** off! It is even better than the other women who have difficulties with the disposal of them. : D

TokyoE said...

Uh often these days, and the other passengers to a person in terms of security and police forces to make an arrest.

A man jumped onto the tracks and tries to escape otherwise.

When this happens, remove the hand of the person and call the police.

The problem is that the trains pass frequently overcapcacity people come into other people accidentally, I mean my old demons, not now drawbacks that I wanted to do, but because the train is jammed packed Soo I could not move at all.

If you have never been on a train in rush hour in Tokyo or the Japanese city of importance, then I can not explain it very well. The trains are packed (you can watch videos on YouTube).

Rabbitya... said...

People were invited to take the hand that he, groping and say: "Chikan." I've never been on board the train, has been done with this, but what is recommended.

For "Chikan" are just people, how they react depends on them, and the situation. There is no official "Chikan reaction", but are usually cowards, so they try to be discreet, touch, go unnoticed.

In fact, the women's money related, if Sue Chikan, there is no incentive to identify them. It also happened that women wrongly accuse men of being Chikan train just to get free money too.

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