Kevin Johnson For Mayor Kevin Johnson Is Officially Sactowns Mayor?

Kevin Johnson is officially sactowns mayor? - kevin johnson for mayor

Kevin Johnson is officially sacraments mayor.
and .. this is really
Fans of basketball Wat do you think?
wat do you think about Kevin Johnson?


KinG said...

yay ... Koolish you seem to know what's on the Kings ... Did you maybe vote Kevin Johnson IMO .. Wells Fargo was funny ... lol

The Joker said...

I loved to play him is a great guy with a good character and I wish him good luck for him

Here are a few crazy friends that he in his career for a tribute to him ...

I think it is a player the most underrated ever

JR said...

KJ enjoyed as a player in basketball in Phoenix. I'm not sure how he will do as mayor. Hopefully it will not be as bad as Arnold became Governor of Calfornia.

Fat English Adams said...

I told you yesterday, did not volunteer, then you can tell us what we believe as kj mayor.

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