Herpes Virus How Can I Have Safe Sex With My Partner If I Carry The Herpes Virus?

How can I have safe sex with my partner if I carry the herpes virus? - herpes virus

Anyone can educate me a little by the way I stay safe-sex practices without my partner herpes? I never had an outbreak and several partners. My former partner gave me the virus some time ago and I have a new and wondered how not to expose the individual. All suggestions are welcome.


LINDSEY S said...

Get in line with their symptoms go and never have sex if you think you have a gain or explode. Also suppressive therapy (ie, Zyban) can help to avoid disruption and, if herpes is happening in their new partner.
You can still transmit herpes, even if a condom. Condoms do not cover all areas of genital herpes may occur. A condom protects not only the body of the penis, herpes is transmitted skin contact, there are other areas of your genitals, which are in contact with herpes.

SCruzMom said...

There are many good websites out there that are very well advised, if you feel unwell have been talking to your doctor. Herpes Valtrex and other drugs that reduce the demand to suppress, the chance to be contagious for up to 50%. Barrier methods work well - my dentist suggested using rubber for dental work are (they are called dams) for their patients for oral sex safe use. Try to avoid sex during an outbreak, but there are many documented cases of humans catching still without symptoms.

I'll add a few pages, so you can see below.

Good luck!

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