Audio Surveillance Are Business In Pennsylvania Required By Law To Post Notice That Patrons Are Under Video/audio Surveillance?

Are business in pennsylvania required by law to post notice that patrons are under video/audio surveillance? - audio surveillance

I know because I am just a job that has such a monitor, also held in the hearing by telephone on the authorized government personnel and want to know how to turn on


rickinno... said...

No, do not "reasonable expectation of privacy" in a company.

Recording of a telephone conversation requires the consent, but if the company owns the phone, you can hear perfectly legal.


Hea N said...

not, as he says, no privacy, you are in a foreign property and someone else paid for.

and if you are a better choice not made to do that, what he has done, then this problem would not.

people like you who want to catch the other person to make a mistake. Create all the problems in this society.

To stop the blame for their own decisions, which would make the world a better place

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