Transparent Wrapping Paper How To Remake, Reload, Boost These Sentences?

How to remake, reload, boost these sentences? - transparent wrapping paper

Handmade original wall.

I greet all the fans of the secrets of my auction.

Today I had a magic wand.

THANK YOU for your child is 10.4 cm long to like a real toy WIZARD and talented feel!

The wand is comfortable in a nice gesture, in a Mexican red velvet. The Assembly is a black box, made with hints of commuting.

The array consists of two parts perfectly, was tied with a red cockade together Attractively wrapped in transparent paper.

A pleasant surprise is a sign of a flash of gold and the ease of magic on a roll decorated handle, if a touch of magic.

The box comes with two wheels.

Each package is wrapped with special paper and chaired by a person chosen by the writings of magic.

Below is a map of the distribution of the position of an owl, by which we ship our packages. For those who wish I could convince them for a long journey, but I can not promise that you will agree;)

The use of two sticks and more, is free deliveryfree.

Not too long!

Starting today, fortunately GROWING YOUR CHILD.


All the best, which was sent to answer quickly and easily:) Thanks


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