Small Business Commision Sales Contract Based On The Anti Trust Laws, How Would You Expect The Federal Government To React To The Ff Situations"?

Based on The Anti Trust Laws, How would you expect the federal government to react to the ff situations"? - small business commision sales contract

a.) A university library has deliberately reduced the price of only rival is excluded from society. The library is for high prices.

b) Real estate companies are in a public meeting and decided to charge 6 percent commission on sales.

c.) merges with Microsoft Word Perfect for a stock.

d) A small business tax preparation is a regional food chain.


Donny said...

Depends from "anti-trust, several factors such as competition, examines each of their scenarios.

a) The University Bookstore may be designated local implementation, however, because there are many sources of competition in the local library (the Internet, the next town, etc.), the government would do nothing. The competition is still there.

b) Since the commissions are competitive, then the government does nothing, would do to stop this practice. But as the above example, if the real estate company can influence all real estate companies in the world a unique case, then you may be subject to antitrust law.

c) There is a problem because you are Bill Gates, and you can do anything, including becoming the first Pirate in the world! However, the government has tried (and tried).

d) No problem! The competition is not affected by the concentration

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