Teen Gay Where Is The Best Place To Find A Gay Teen My Age?

Where is the best place to find a gay teen my age? - teen gay

What is the best place to find a young homosexuals to about 12-14? I am a 13yo gay and I'm tired of being alone, and I'm ready to find a gay friend! And yes, I think the condom is a good idea!


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eastside... said...

They are a little young to be having sex. Instead, we must concern ourselves with other gay people in a social sense.

You can support the next attempt LGBT Center (larger, moderately large cities have). They usually have programs where people with no stress can meet in a bar, etc. The Cleveland ancient world of social groups, links to clubs, square dancing, book clubs, clubs for older people, the LGBT LGBT youth clubs, etc. Some also have therapy sessions for young people struggling with their sexual orientation.

With a center in your area If you take part, that the perpetrators of things that interest you, this way people can meet others with similar interests as you. There is a link that shows all of the LGBT Center.

If religion is the belief interested could try to attend a service in your area (see link below). You'll find someone.

reme_1 said...

You're too young to take care of a friend, but I assume that today's children grow up too fast.
Check with the local gay center and pflag.org and see what clubs and organizations are set up for young people. If you know of an alliance that heterosexuals and homosexuals in high achool, please contact the responsible teacher and see what happens to children of his age. They have a great life.

William R said...

I agree with Nathan, her story makes me cry. Give them time. He was sick and tired of being alone for so long, but I sucked and made it. I had my first boyfriend until 18 - that she apparently still special when it finally no longer alone made. They have only 13 - so much life ahead. Enjoy easy, one child, while you still can!

Nathan said...

Honey, you are very young, we have her hand. I know that the only thing that sucks, and I was in your shoes. I lost my virginity at 13, a guy who thought he was in love, and I complained for three years.
I'm 16 and I am HIV positive because of the hatred of being single. Furthermore, I have a condom.
I'm still single and probably always will be, did not want anyone hurt. I ruined my life.
If you think it is only now at 13 is terrible to imagine single for the rest of his life.
You get to know someone. Everyone makes time. Just stop looking. Have fun in life and eventually find someone. Good things take time.
Wait, honey.
You have your whole life ahead.

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