How Can I Change The Alias 2 Vibrate I Need Help With The AT&T Blackberry Curve 8900?

I need help with the AT&T Blackberry Curve 8900? - how can i change the alias 2 vibrate

I have today in the mail, and so far I love it.
Besides the fact that the vibration is a little weak for my taste, but whatever.

I have three questions, but:
1. Is it possible to use MSN Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, AOL Messenger, or free? I have a data plan with unlimited internet access, I do not know where and how to download all three, it is always possible.
2. Is there a way to shutter sound when a photo dumb. We have the possibilities, and I do not see them. Even if he were to "silence" which always sounds the shutter button to take pictures.
3. Is it possible to specify a tone or sound I hear when I text? A defectone, but I have no idea how to change the one that came with it.
4. I tried to send a ringtone to my phone and never received. I have a photo, and I got, but when I tried to send a note I have not received it yet, but my brother, and that the neon he did.
5. You also need to help with the BlackBerry Messenger. I've tried a friend who has a BlackBerry message, as well, and do not receive my messages. Someone please describe in detail.
6. E-mail set up. I have tried to configure my Yahoo! E-mail because it is the only real control, but only tried fails and tries again. Is there something I doing wrong?

Sorry for so many questions.
I really hope he can respond to themll.
I've just become accustomed to this new smartphone.
Previously I had the Samsung Alias with Verizon, and it was not so complicated.
Maybe my answers are in sight, I am not aware of that.


Double Digit said...

Kristy, I'll try to be as complete as possible, and answer their questions in order.

1. The phone comes preloaded with various instant messaging software. From the main screen, press the menu button (the scroll wheel from left), with which all the symbols, you are a looking that has a folder and a green bubble with the letters "IM" in it. Select the file and when opening is BB Messenger, AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Yahoo! Messenger and Windows Live Messenger. As for MSN, I do not know whether you can download from App BlackBerry world.

2. The bad news here. There is no way to cut, I found the shutter button. sorry.

3. The best way I found to get custom ringtones in all areas of messaging, and CALLS is to create a new sound profile. To do this, press the Menu button, click on "My Profile" and select it. Scroll down the pop-up "Advanced" and select it. This will open the profiles. Press the Menu button and select "New Profile". Name your profile (I had my first name) and then you can edit the profile. once in the profile list of everything they do, is to highlight and select. and then open the alert list, you can click on and have a personal ringtone for each activity listed. Well, if you want a specific ring tone a particular person calls, you may need to change the directory entry of persons and press the MENU button while in edit mode and select "add custom ring tone" \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ u0026lt;br>
4. If you are able to download the ringtone for the team could more easily transferred to your BB. Launch the BlackBerry to your computer and open the folder that says Blackberry and then open the folder that says "ring tones. You should be able to drag and drop your ringtones there. This also works for music and pictures . Do not forget the appropriate folder in the Open.

5. This is a little complex, but the best way to get on the phone, is to have your PIN. BB Messenger does not open, and upstairs, where her screen name. Press Menu and select 'Invite Contact'. From there you can enter the PIN of their friends, and they receive a message asking if you agreeContact SA. no other way but to be next to your friend. From the main screen of your BB Messenger, press the Menu button and click Invite contacts. then select "Find an individual barcode. If you ask to do this, your friend, your BB Messenger open on your phone, you can press the menu button, but on the phone to his friend must then click 'My Profile go ", then scroll down and select Show my bar code, such as a square image and the phone is open the camera sees," to do now just as if you take a picture on the screen of your friend . The tone sounds, and your name. This may seem complicated, but I assure you, he is the best way I've found.

6. For your e-mail that you need to execute orand a configuration wizard, and be sure to specify the username and password correctly, remember that passwords are case-sensitive, and if you write numbers that you need to press the Alt key for each number.

It's okay to ask all these questions, I have a 8900, with the TMO, and it took a while to get used to it. But I would not be my phone for everything. Except ... Well, maybe the 9700 again. But it's just me.

You can find me a PIN if you have any questions. . . If you want to. My PIN is 24AE521C.

Hope this helps. Good luck and Happy Holidays.


Josh said...

On e-mail: This is a global problem, RIM BlackBerry server. They say it could one day be solved. Do not call service, are aware of the problem and nothing can be done about it.

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