No Prior Installation Of Total War Was Found Rome:total War Multiplayer?

Rome:total war Multiplayer? - no prior installation of total war was found

Hey guys, bought Rome: Total War off steam let off, download and install the entire contents, etc. .. Determine Made some very personal struggles, hard and decided I wanted to play some multiplayer, the problem is that I can not get the damn job if you try the patch I have from the website the message "No d install" prior installation of Rome: Total War was found. This facility will be terminated. "

I tried to connect without the fix, but it simply says "login failed" After I typed the code I have.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you:)


alize torres said...

Could it be that the company, which he received, because people do not play much, but if it still works ..
Uninstall the program in place to cope. Then you try and install everything. If this does not work, try to see the code and try to see what could be wrong. Try the patch again or report the business website or 1-800 number. Good luck

LilPhil said...

I had no problem the last time I played (last week). However, I did not download the retail version. This is probably the reason.

Just buy the album - in fact, not much!

Hope this helps;)

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