Best Ds Rom Reader M3 DS Simply Flash Cart? Nintendo DS?

M3 DS Simply Flash Cart? Nintendo DS? - best ds rom reader

I've heard it comes out. I do not know much done on the research flash car, but I've heard that this is the best. I have a DS Lite and I am pleased to keep me on a flash drive for playing ROMs.

With the M3 DS Simply, everything we need the M3 Simply card, micro SD card and SD card reader for your computer? I put my micro SD card reader, drag and drop files and then insert the Micro SD card into the M3 cartridge is sufficient, so you charge my DS? That's all I do? There is no configuration with a key or "master"? Sorta confused about. Thanks


Eric J said...

The M3 DS simply integrated into a crucial phase, and yes, it's basically a drag and drop, such as NDS, the files are compatible. NDS NDS or video format. DPG is a program running on the moon, an MP3 player and play to manage your files. DPG (Moonshell is a media program, so that the video player DS). So basically, you only need the M3 DS Simply, and a microSD card.

Oh btw the M3 DS Simply Slot does not play GBA or two files, the support has not arrived yet, but could soon have the latest firmware available.

Have fun and Happy Computing

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