The Hummer Bbq I Have Solidified Biodiesel In A Hummer Gas Tank What Do I Do?

I have solidified biodiesel in a hummer gas tank what do i do? - the hummer bbq

Incidentally, I have a bad batch of biodiesel and put it in my Hummer. I use it for some time and has evolved into a hard substance glycerol. I'm trying to solve, so the lobster without repair for about $ 1000. Suggestions?


TaylorJ said...

If you are not a super-high power electric blanket wrap to the tank you have, you're probably on the tank. This probably means that you remove the tanks of vehicles. Because you run diesel or bio-diesel, must have an H1 ... ouch expensive. Try a general repair shop, instead of the dealer, you probably have a better offer. Have you for the bio-diesel and has yet to do it yourself, try to get the dealer for repairs. But while biodiesel powered vehicle should install a heater tank to prevent it. Good luck ... Tho

Tinkerbe... said...

Light a match ........ Peace

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