Educational Pic Of Viginas Peerguardian 2 DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!! (Vista)?

Peerguardian 2 DOESN'T WORK AT ALL!! (Vista)? - educational pic of viginas

PeerGuardian 2 does not work at all? "Help please!?
OK, so I have installed the peer-tutor, now 5 times reinstalled. It does not work. He remains in the "upgrade" and not move. The blue display to the exact position for connection, I can use the Task Manager. I want to block P2P IP. Here's what he said.

PeerGuardian update: Not available
Classifieds: Error Contacting URL
Education: Download
Government: Completed
P2P Download
Spyware: Error connecting to Web

Please help! I have a SS below.
Frozen picture of her:
The detection of non-block:

My network is TPG ADSL2 + 120GB
My laptop, what I wantFor the PG is a DV6 HP Pavilion.
Windows Vista Home Premium 32
4 GB DDR2 800 MHz
2.13 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo

If I run as administrator, PG will not start and can not be opened before the restart.
I thank you if you get more information let me know. Back in about 10-20 minutes after check the necessary information and you will see that I added the information you need!


universe man said...

LOL you missed the Peer Guardian does not work and information not previously announced offer updates on its website a long period

Now as the new peer PeerGuardian block

I also use PeerGuardian works better than

kinamyen said...

Not block peer peergauardin Need more support for.

lance 1 said...

lol, just use utorrent

Anonymous said...

Not block peer peergauardin Need more support for.

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