Grey Suit Black Tie Black Suit To A Black Tie Affair?

Black suit to a black tie affair? - grey suit black tie

I was invited to a formal black tie reception.

Would it be better to get a tuxedo, or try something more contemporary, with a nice black suit, silver / gray tie and white shirt cuff French?

Some friends think I would be happy as an undertaker or an "agent of black men.


tnk1224 said...

If the host is a close friend you could ask for a clarification, but usually means black tie, "time to smoke, and only if preferred or optional following is acceptable to arrive in less than a smoking. Personally, I always thought that men in the black officers were very sexy, any person to appear thusly dress probably will not be deleted by me:)

M.S.Dall... said...

If we then to a tux, if the fly, rather than included a vest and tie w / color matching. I think it would add to the old school Hollywood star of action films. What. This advice please keep the queues at the Tux!

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